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6 ways to create the perfect home office space

TIP #1: Clear your space

Choose your workspace. A nook of your bedroom, the kitchen table, old file cabinets with a wood plank across them. Clear the space and remove stacks of paper, distracting non-work items, and really focus on carving out a space dedicated to work only.

TIP #2: Splash in greenery

Plants give off oxygen, oxygen is good for your brain, a healthy brain is productive – it’s a win, win. Adding some greenery into your workspace will induce a feeling of Zen as well.

TIP #3: Add light

The quality of lighting in your workspace can increase productivity. Don’t have a lot of natural light? Stage artificial lights the right way. then artificial lights are even more important when considering workspace illumination. Avoid the harsh glare of overhead lights. Use lampshades to soften the space.

TIP #4: Get creative with storage

Do you have unused mason jars stashed in the pantry? What about a wicker basket that could be repurposed as a filing cabinet? Countertop wine racks make great organizational tools for papers. Baking tins can hold small items like paper clips, small sticky notes, white out and thumb tacks.

TIP #5: Don’t skimp on the chair

If you can and have ample space, invest in a proper office chair as opposed to repurposing a stool or rigid chair borrowed from the kitchen table. Tick off the basics: armrests, adjustable seat, and wheels. These small bonuses add up to big improvements in the quality of your posture.

TIP #6: The nice-to-haves

Think about what else will help bolster your focus and productivity? A blue tooth speaker to jam out to work-based tunes? An hourglass timer to keep you on track, task by task? A power strip to make sure all your devices stay charged? Blue tooth tools like a keyboard and a mouse to further support your ergonomics?

Go forth, and be productive in your new work space!


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