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Unravel Coffee

Meet the Unravel Cafes

Unravel is a new coffee concept that’s changing the way people get — and experience — their coffee. Our guests, farmers, communities and the environment are at the heart of every decision we make, no matter how big or small.

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Unravel Coffee: Jar Return Program

Unravel Coffee Glass Jar Program Since day one, we have not served a single paper cup. People often ask us what the deal is with the glass jars? To really understand the glass jar, though, we first have to take

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Unravel Coffee Vail: Caffeinate + Cowork

Unravel Coffee has officially opened it’s third location in Vail, Colorado. Poised to be the Vail Valley’s hottest spot for coffee and co-working, Unravel Vail is ready to fuel whatever your day has in store. Explore the features of the

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Unravel Coffee’s New Subscription Service

Unravel turns coffee into a collaborative experience, spooling the threads of agriculture, technology, sustainability and human interaction.  This is no average cup of joe. Gravity Haus’ coffee communities in Breckenridge, Vail and Denver source beans direct from Ethiopian farms and

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Gravity Haus

If you’ve been looking for an adventure-loving community, Gravity Haus is where you’ll find it!! We don’t believe in a life full of ‘stuff’ and expensive, exclusive experiences. Gravity Haus connects you with the people, events, gear and adventures that make your heart feel full, without the hefty price tag. Want to learn more?

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