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5 Cool Adventure Destinations Around the World

If you find yourself spending hours browsing international flight deals, making itineraries, and scrolling Instagram for your next global adventure, we get it – because we do it too. While there are literally endless adventure destinations around the world, here are 5 more to add (and check off) your bucket list. From scuba diving through ancient war ships to exploring luminescent caves, these spots may be on this planet, but they’re totally out-of-this-world.

When to go: head to Peru in the dry season, between April and November

What else to do: Other than hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu: take a day trip to Rainbow Mountain or trek to The Boiling River of the Amazon – one of the largest geothermal features on any continent.

For Instagram Inspiration: @paisajesperu


When to go: You’ll want to start this adventure either before or after Monsoon season: either in March, or late October

What else to do: If you’re not up for the full base camp trek, you can explore miles of mountain biking trails in Shivapuri National Park, take a helicopter tour around the Himalayas, or challenge yourself to an adrenaline filled kayaking trip down the Bhote Koshi River.

Instagram Inspiration: @nepal8thwonder_


When to go: The calendar is more flexible for this trip, but try to avoid New Zealand’s crowded summer months between December – February

What to do: Other than exploring over 300 limestone caves (most lit up with luminescent glow worms) on foot, you can even raft through the some of caves, hike waterfalls, and take a scenic drive to Mangapohue Natural Bridge.

Instagram inspiration: @shaun_jeffers and @youngadventuress

When to go: The dive season is best from November through May

What to do: One of the Philippines’ best kept secrets and lesser known destinations, Coron Bay is home to the most underwater wrecks, so pack that wetsuit and get ready to dive in. When you’re not exploring ancient ships (many with ammunition and fixtures still intact), you can head to Maquinit Hot Springs or take a break on the surreal sandy beaches of Bulog Island.

Instagram Inspiration: @divecbr for the coolest fish ‘grams you’ll ever see, plus more underwater action from @nadia.aly.photo


When to go: Spring and Fall are best for most outdoor activities.

What to do: Ride camels through the Sahara, bike down the river in The Draa valley, jump on a hot air balloon ride above the city, trek through four mountain ranges, or paddleboard through lagoons in Dakhla – Morocco has no shortage of awe-filled adventures.

Inspiration inspiration: @wildmorocco


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