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The community that I’ve found here has encouraged me to go all in with my health, fitness, and recovery. It’s a wildly influential environment that encourages everyone to level up and then also helps facilitate it.


Play Video about Rachel Carpenter skiing at Breckenridge on an overcast day.

The community that I’ve found here has encouraged me to go all in with my health, fitness, and recovery. It’s a wildly influential environment that encourages everyone to level up and then also helps facilitate it.


What is Gravity Haus to you?

Gravity Haus is my home base. As the CEO of a fintech company, it’s important for me to balance a heavy workload with adventure, exercise, the outdoors, and recovery. Gravity Haus does it all. It’s my office, my gym, my spa and my gateway to the mountain. The great food, cocktails, and access to delicious coffee don’t hurt 🙂 I’m also brand new to the Breckenridge area, and in just two months I’ve met some of the most adventurous, kind, and fun people. I’m making friends already, because Gravity Haus has created an environment that caters to people with the same lifestyle. We flock here, we gather here, and we grow together here.

How does Gravity Haus enable / elevate your modern adventure lifestyle?

I moved to Breckenridge from Florida, in part because I was missing out on all of the activities I love to do. I ski, mountain bike, climb, camp, hike, canyon, paddle board – the list goes on. Being in Colorado makes those activities easier, but Gravity Haus takes it to the next level. I have a ski locker 30 seconds from the chairlift. I can seamlessly rent the latest models of skis or bikes. I have access to high quality functional fitness classes that are making me a better athlete. I have the opportunity to do sunrise or full moon touring up the mountain with other members. The proximity and availability of adventure is unprecedented, and it means sneaking in extra adventure that the average person can’t. I’m working harder and getting fitter than I ever have since moving here, which also means I need to prioritize recovery. Between sauna, spa, mobility workshops, normatec, yin yoga – even foam rollers – Gravity Haus has me covered.

How does Gravity Haus help you:

Create powerful moments? I live a fast life – I work hard, exercise hard, and play hard. This creates powerful moments – feeling my strength improve in a dryland class, closing a big deal in the coworking space as I watch the snow pile up outside, etc. But slowing down can be powerful too. Cabin Juice is a delicious place to do that. Reconnecting with my brother and sister-in law after a long day of work or skiing over a delicious cocktail or appetizer is the best way to finish off the day, slow down, and reconnect.
Keep Growing? The trainers and new friends I have met encouraged me to take the plunge into backcountry skiing, something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. My ski skills have improved drastically since joining GH, and the mountain and beyond are opening up to me.
Bring Others along? I’m spending more time with my family through Gravity Haus. We get to work and play together all day long.

Be “All-In” + Go the Distance? There’s a sense of accountability and drive in the culture among Gravity Haus members. We push each other in the gym, push each other to go harder on the mountain, push each other to try new things. The community that I’ve found here has encouraged me to go all in with my health, fitness, and recovery. It’s a wildly influential environment that encourages everyone to level up and then also helps facilitate it.

Leave it Better than You Found it? Gravity Haus is a beautiful, well designed, and very tidy place. Once you feel part of the community here, you feel a sense of ownership and responsibility to help keep it that way so that you and all of the amazing people here can keep enjoying it. Everyone is clean, respectful, and incredibly kind.

What’s something new that you’ve been able to try / a new experience you’ve had / a new community you’ve created, because of Gravity Haus?

I’m doing more cardio than I ever have, improving my fitness so that I can adventure even harder. I did my first backcountry ski run last week, and invested in a pair of touring skis through the Quiver. I have new friends.

Who is your favorite adventure partner/s?

My brother and sister-in-law, hands down. They are talented skiers, climbers, bikers – all the above. I’ve grown in all my skills since spending more time with them, and they are a blast to follow around the mountain. As Becca always says at the end of the day “I don’t know how to not crush it.” We push the limits and then rest and celebrate together – they work hard, but know how to have fun.

Describe how Gravity Haus helps you have your Best Day Ever.

  • Caffeinate – I’m a coffee addict, and Unravel is a DELICIOUS way to get me going at the beginning of the day.
  • Work – StarterHaus is the perfect place for me to work remotely – I separate work from everything else, can get focused, make progress, and close big deals in the boardroom!
  • Ski – The proximity to the ski lift + on-site locker is probably my favorite feature. I have a stressful job, and being able to suit up at my locker and hit the mountain for even just 1-2 hours for a break is a luxury!
  • Gym – I’m huge into fitness, and dryland offers lifting, cardio, yoga, mobility – everything you could want. I’m able to fit in 3-5 classes a week to stay strong and improve my fitness. Fitting in a quick, efficient work out is a big plus for the perfect day.
  • Recover – Between soreness from the gym and chilliness from the skiing, recovering with a big sauna session and cold tub dip has had an amazing effect on my health. It’s also close – and I can keep my suit in my locker! Huge benefit as we near the end of a big, perfect day. The proximity helps force me to slow down and recover – something I might not otherwise do.
  • Indulge – Fried chicken sandwich – need I say more? Cabin Juice is often a meeting place for me, my brother, and Becca, at the end of a long day. The cocktails are on point, the food is delicious, and the atmosphere is great. If I’m moving quickly, this is also a great place for me to snag a working lunch to get some calories in.
  • Bonus points for GH being on the bus line, helping to stay clean/green and get me home quickly and efficiently after the best day ever.