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Member Spotlight: Shannon Foley Henn

Gravity Haus connects people who see the world as an incredible playground. We help the planet by traveling, recreating and growing with others while and learning along the way. We believe if we’re enhancing your active lifestyle, one experience at a time, then we’re doing it right. Community first, everything else will follow. Get to know the faces behind the Gravity Haus community!


All-In Member

Meet Shannon Foley Henn. The Philadelphia native is an artist and treasured Gravity Haus community member with a story to tell! 

After graduating from Boston College, Shannon found herself in San Francisco working in brand development. A job offer led her to Kenya, handling marketing for a safari company before she landed in New York looking for the next big adventure. Shannon arrived in Denver to help her brother-in-law with his new downtown bar, planning to stay for just six months. Sixteen years later, you can find Shannon, brightening up the cultural landscape in Winter Park.

Over the years, she ran an international rock n roll cancer foundation where she met her husband who used to race bikes in Winter Park. In 2015, they were living in Tanzania and had plans to move back to Kenya when they purchased a small investment property in Colorado. They came to Winter Park to spruce up the property and never left!

We caught up with Shannon to dish on mountain living, superpowers and art gallery life.

Q&A With Shannon Foley Henn

Q. First, tell us about your gallery!

A. Uptripping is a culmination of all of our crazy life experiences and travels exploded into a funky gallery. We are not your average stuffy space. We love that our locals and visitors pop in weekly just to see what’s new (and maybe have a snit of whiskey). You’ll find art from locals like myself and from village chiefs from Kenya, children in Nepal and at-risk women in Kyrgyzstan.

Q. What’s your superpower? 

A. Oh man, hmm. I would say my superpower is bringing color into the world.

Q. Mantra you live by?

A. “Why not?” The biggest life adventures and changes have come by asking myself “why not?” I think we get held back by all the “what if’s.” If I can’t come up with a valid reason not to take a leap, I go for it. It’s never failed me. Sure, I may have some broken bones because of some crazy adventures, but I also have great stories because of them.

Q. What do you love about Gravity Haus?

A. I love having a beautiful place to work that feels like home. It’s now part of my routine. Pop in for coffee, get some work done, run into friends and inevitably find myself rolling right into happy hour.

Q. Words of wisdom for like-minded adventurers? 

A. Be kind out there, say hello to the person next to you at the airport bar, say yes to adventure and get your ass over to Uptripping and come say hi!

Find Shannon’s gallery Uptripping across the street from Gravity Haus Winter Park and dive into the local WP community! We’ll see you there.

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