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Gravity Haus connects people who see the world as an incredible playground. We help the planet by traveling, recreating and growing with others and learning along the way. We believe if we’re enhancing your active lifestyle, one experience at a time, then we’re doing it right. Community first, everything else will follow.


Raising three children skiing, biking, and hiking in the Rocky Mountains provided the inspiration for creating Gravity Haus. We had a deep desire to create a place that was fun, anticipated the needs of our integrated work-play lifestyle, and allowed us to continue to train, recover and fuel our bodies just as we would if we were at home. We also wanted to teach our children that a fulfilled life is not full of things, but rather experiences, adventure, and awe.

– Jim Deters, Founder 

from our members

Gravity Haus is a great place to relax. We were on holiday and looked to Gravity Haus for a no-stress experience and amazing adventure. We got it!!

Imagine a country club (without the golfing + silly dress-codes) with members who value being outside, health & fitness, quality friendships and amazing free coffee. Don't imagine it—simply join the Gravity Haus community.

I’ve spent 50 hrs/week at Gravity Haus Breck for the last 9 months working remotely and hanging out. That’s a lot of time and I am genuinely happy every time that I walk through those GH doors.

The Amenities, co-working, CrossFit-like gym, sauna, hot + cold tubs, free coffee, and gear demos (all walking distance to chair lift) are amazing, but it’s my friends and the GH staff that make Gravity Haus the 'haus for everyone'.

Gravity Haus is the hub of our social network for meeting other members locally and from out of town.

The events put on by Gravity Haus are planned with care and enthusiasm by the GH team. I always look forward to a Gravity Haus meet-up whether it's an exclusive dining experience at Cabin Juice or an all-day outing in the outdoors.

Anytime I step foot in Gravity Haus I am always guaranteed a great interaction running into other members and staff there; it feels like my home away from home.

We loved our time at Gravity Haus Breck! The location cannot be beat with Main St around the corner and slopes walking distance. Cabin Juice was amazing for breakfast and apres ski drinks. We loved the relaxed vibe and overall stay. We will be back!

Location: Excellent. Style: Excellent. Amenities: Excellent. The Quiver concept is brilliant. Architecture: Excellent. Interior Design: Excellent. Before I go further, you should know I have been a demanding international business executive, and "excellent" are not easily attained.

I LOVE everything about Gravity Haus. So much, I'm now a member.

Great location. Friendly and very helpful staff. Comfortable amenities (hot tub, sauna, lounge). Good bar with happy hour and delicious cocktails.  Couldn’t ask for a better or more convenient location to the slopes.

Phenomenal experience at Gravity Haus, Vail. The staff was so friendly and texted me days prior to my arrival to ensure that everything would be set for me when arriving. The hotel was in a perfect location to Vail Village and my room was perfect and my bed so comfortable. Loved having a coffee shop and fitness facility on property to use at my convenience. Can't wait to go back.

One of the best spots we’ve stayed in Vail. As a member, it’s a PERFECT slopeside location to hang out, get some work done, and chill.

I loved my stay at Gravity Haus in Vail! They were so accommodating, friendly, and the restaurant was so delicious. Their drinks are fun and the atmosphere was just perfect. We had a great view from our room and a very restful stay. I will definitely be back!

I have been staying at GH since it first opened and committing to being part of the GH community is one of the best decisions I have made. Whether I have been living 10 hours away or an hour away I have looked forward to my mountain escapes with GH. As an All-In member I am grateful for the incredible amenities and take full advantage of what is included in my membership. I appreciate how the GH team welcomes me and takes care of me during each and every stay. I am excited to see how GH grows and am thankful to be apart of this community.

The biggest reason I love Gravity Haus is the awesome events they put on! The variety of events sponsored by GH has allowed me to keep spending more time outdoors doing activities I might not otherwise have tried. I've also met a ton of people at GH events which really builds the community aspect of being a member. On top of that, I take advantage of the many amenities offered including HausQuiver which is an unbelievable value and made for an awesome ski season. Looking forward to the summer HausQuiver offerings to keep the stoke up this summer!

Our favorite space at the haus is Dryland Fitness! We both work remotely, so getting in a killer workout with friends is the perfect way to break up the day. The instructors are incredibly talented and make each class challenging but fun. We love being a part of the GH community!

I really like the discounted stays right in the town centers. The food in your restaurants and coffee shops is super high quality. And having attached gym and co-working spaces is fabulous. 

Haus Quiver and Dryland in Denver have been excellent resources for me to utilize. I love the trainers and the workouts at Dryland, and the Quiver program has allowed me to demo excellent gear all season long.

Dryland feeling more like a private gym vs the big rec center. I enjoy the co-working space, events and networking, and the willingness of the GH team to help with whatever issues you are having. They are really responsive.

I love Gravity Haus! I love the sense of community and belonging. I’ve met some great people through Gravity Haus, and there is a certain feeling of what I call ‘instamacy’ or instant-intimacy, where as fellow members, we have an instantaneous bond and connection through outdoor play.

I joined Gravity Haus in 2020 when I was rehabbing my house in Breck and needed a place to stay. Now, GH Breck is my second home. I store my skis there and love hanging out at Cabin Juice before / after spending some time on the mountain. The food is great, but the sense of community is even better.

I am loving being able to participate in the member events with my teenage daughter. We have had so much fun and have met many great people! Loving the events.

Gravity Haus is my base of operations in Breck. It's where I start my days on the mountain, where I store my gear, and where I work, and it's been a hub for fun trips and meeting new people.

I have been a member for about a year now, and absolutely love the group fitness classes! They really challenge me and push me to new limits. Lindsey and Charlie are very knowledgeable and help you reach your goals. I am excited to attend these classes and have also made new friends along the way!

The classes at Dryland are THE BEST. I'm not much of a workout class goer, but these are an exception. Linzee is knowledgeable, motivating and always pushes me to succeed. Her classes are both challenging and uplifting. I always leave feeling stronger - physically and mentally. The community is welcoming and everyone is there to work hard. It's an empowering place to be.

This was the best investment I made in myself in 2020-2021... the community is fantastic, the ability to work, ski, sweat, eat and recover all in one place has been a game changer. Linzee at Dryland has been incredible in helping me achieve my fitness goals, stay motivated + focused in so many ways. Having the opportunity to work in StarterHaus has also increased my productivity. Overall it's been so great getting to connect with so many people and form new friendships. Gravity Haus is my happy place and I'm forever grateful!

I LOVE the people I’ve met and the activities I’ve been able to participate in, even in this crazy COVID time!! 

Being a Gravity Haus member allows me to work and recreate with like minded people who are ambitious in both their professional & personal lives. The flexibility and community of the StarterHaus space has paid tremendous dividends as I build Glade - I am able to gather product feedback and create incredible content thanks to my proximity to other GH members. For Glade, Gravity Haus means access to people and places that make our brand more vibrant and memorable in the eyes of our customers.





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