Gravity Haus is my community, my people, my job, my lifestyle, my fitness, my good food, my friends and my fun!


Play Video about Andrea Rosenthal inside Gravity Haus Breck, geared up to ski.

Gravity Haus is my community, my people, my job, my lifestyle, my fitness, my good food, my friends and my fun!


What is Gravity Haus to you?

Gravity Haus is my community, my people, my job, my lifestyle, my fitness, my good food, my friends and my fun!

How does Gravity Haus enable / elevate your modern adventure lifestyle?

Getting and staying fit is so important to my work and play. Last winter was the first winter I was skiing E Chair laps top to bottom without stopping and I fully attribute that to doing my Dryland consistently for a year. Being able to work where I train, eat and play, a short walk from my house while I connect with my community has completely changed my mountain lifestyle for the better.

I’ve lived here for 15 years and have a solid group of friends, but those adapt and change as we grow and they grow. GH opened up a whole huge new network of people to work, collaborate and play in the outdoors with… in addition to a solid crew who push me in my Dryland classes!

How does Gravity Haus help you:

Create powerful moments? JoinMe’s, events, fun interactions in Dryland and then the experiences outside of the walls and creations of GH with my community are consistently creating powerful moments for me, and hopefully those around me!
Keep Growing? Learning from others and being around creative, outgoing, outdoorsy people helps me to grow constantly and become the best version of myself.
Bring Others along? I love hosting and being a part of JoinMe’s and experiences where someone, anyone, or everyone is trying something new to them!
Be “All-In” + Go the Distance? I don’t do anything halfway! It’s do all the things, all the time, or don’t do anything! 🙂 All about making the most out of every day and even if it’s a routine, making it a memorable experience!
Leave it Better than You Found it? It’s important to do right by the planet and the community. Never walk by a piece of trash, always recycle, always aim to leave a positive impression or lasting memory with anyone I interact with!

What’s something new that you’ve been able to try / a new experience you’ve had / a new community you’ve created, because of Gravity Haus?

After living in a mountain town (Breck) for 13 years, your networks change, your friend groups change and GH has given me a whole new network and community on top of my existing Breck community. I now have more people to skin, ski, bike, and recreate in the outdoors. They’re also down for apres and a great meal!

Gravity Haus also enabled me to become a mountain biker. Without access to Haus Quiver, I never would have had the access to a top demo bike. I tried to be a biker and bike with my friends, however, I was always on a hardtail or low end bike. At the end of the ride, friends would ask: “wasn’t that so much fun?!” to which my response was always “meh, it was fine” and I had no desire to try again. The uphills were hard, and the downhill terrifying. Summer of 2021, I went out on a Spot Mayhem, with a patient girlfriend and finally got to answer, “CAN WE DO THAT AGAIN?!”

Who is your favorite adventure partner/s?

My dog Murray and a couple girlfriends who are always up for a skin up Baldy, a ski on the resort, a 14er, a bike ride, a trip to CB to camp or to take a drive to find some fresh powder.

Describe how Gravity Haus helps you have your Best Day Ever.

GH provides the whole package. Keeps me fit, allows me to do work, feeds my coffee addiction. I can get my Dryland classes in 4-5 days per week which keeps me strong and healthy to ski a powder day, or go on a challenging bike ride or a quick lunch lap to tire Murray out. Dryland

I get to locker out of the base of Peak 9 in GH Breck and hit a couple hours on the hill in the morning and then pop up for meetings or crushing some work before my noon Dryland. Back to work either in haus, or after a short walk through town and the trails behind my house with Murray and home to sit down and crank through some more work!