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Work From StarterHaus: How we’re keeping it real, safe and sanitary.

StarterHaus is an essential part of the Breckenridge Gravity Haus community and we’re doing our best to make sure you can seamlessly put ski, work, ski, repeat on rotation. Even in the current climate.

“The community that has developed in StarterHaus respects one another and respects the rules in order to keep everyone healthy and safe,” says Gravity Haus Community Developer Andrea Rosenthal.

Work comfortably alongside creatives and entrepreneurs, hold conference calls in between fresh-air breaks on the mountain and crush emails with insanely fast fiber internet. Take advantage of adjacent Unravel Coffee, a private phone booth, a conference room, printer and kitchenette. No one blinks an eye if you’re working in ski boots or if Fido naps at your feet — StarterHaus is a pup-friendly atmosphere. 


Current StarterHaus capacity sits at 15 co-workers and masks are required unless you are actively eating a snack or taking a drink of water/coffee to keep productivity going. Guests are expected to clean up after themselves in the kitchen and to honor the 20-minute rule in the phone booth. No camping out — be cognizant of others’ time and workspace.

StarterHaus co-working space is open 6am to 6pm to members on a first come, first served basis. If you arrive and there are already 15 people working, find a cozy spot to work in the open seating areas around Gravity Haus Breckenridge.

“Gravity Haus fills the void in Breck of needing a collaborative working space when so many other public spaces are either closed or incredibly limited,” says Gravity Haus member and StarterHaus co-working regular Kia Grant. “It’s an inspiring, quiet and creative space that seems to be the perfect atmosphere no matter which project I am working on.”


Working and playing in Vail? Members can pop in to one of three available Zoom Rooms at Gravity Haus Vail, use the high-speed WiFi, Power 120V and USB. Enjoy coffee, tea and water while you work and relax in modern, cushy digs. Zoom Rooms are complimentary for members and available for a day fee to nonmembers. They’re cleaned and disinfected after each use.

This spring, StarterHaus Vail will roll out a larger space with soft seating, modern pods available for private use as well as meeting and board rooms that can be closed off for private sessions. 

Stay healthy and productive with a little help from your friends at StarterHaus Breck and Vail.

3 Quick Tips

StarterHaus regular Kelsey Lee shares her top co-working to-do’s

1. Coffee grounds are provided by Unravel Coffee and there is a large coffee maker in StarterHaus where you can brew a fresh pot for everyone. 

2. This is a co-working space, so it’s important to clean up after yourself and make sure others are helping out to ensure a safe and sanitary workspace.

3. If you seek a private space for longer periods of time, the boardroom can be booked on the Dryland app for one-hour time slots.


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