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Quiz: Which Gravity Haus Membership is Right For You?

Are you up for anything? Always seeking out the next big adventure? Attracting like-minded and globally conscious connections? You are Gravity Haus.

This is a community for the modern adventurer. Gravity Haus members know the value of an elevated active lifestyle and mindful personal growth. We work, play and train hard. Take this quirky quiz to see which membership level best complements your lifestyle.

These 5 questions hold the key to your Gravity Haus destiny.

Q1. Your world can best be described as:

A. A super-sized boundless playground to roam and explore.

B. I moved to the mountains and never left.

C. A well-balanced mix of work and play, city and mountains. 

D. A blissful combination of relaxation + occasional community + adventure.

Q2. When it comes to gear…

A. It goes: The latest skis/bikes then food then sleep. In that order. Always.

B. The center of my universe is a mountain town. I’ve got all the connections I need to get pro deals to build out my own quiver.

C. I’m still rocking my 10-year-old board/bike. I dig it. It knows me.

D. I’m here for the demos, only the shiniest newest demos.

Q3. Travel and adventure-focused events are…

A. My life. This is where I meet the humans I really connect with.

B. Awesome! It can be tough to meet people in a mountain town. Events help me build my network with rad humans.

C. Fun on the weekends. I love a sunny day on the river or a peak-baggin’ hike with a few community events snuck in there from time to time.

D. A nice treat. I prefer to make my own path most of the time though.

Q4. Mountain town hotels keep me…

A. From being homeless. I’m in the mountains as much as my schedule allows.

B. I never stay in them because I live locally.

C. Comfortable every weekend. That wild warrior lifestyle requires a plush bed and perks.

D. Sleeping in my tent. There’s nothing like camp stove coffee and peeing in the woods. 

Q5. Working and working out while traveling…

A. Is crucial. I have to keep clients or boss happy and my triathlon training going strong.

B. I mostly just work out in my home town. When I’m on the road, it’s time to adventure.

C. Is important to me. I like to hit the occasional fitness class and free wifi is key.

D. Happens sometimes. Vacation means no emails and staying off the treadmill.

Mostly A’s: The All-In

You despise boundaries and bring the blood, sweat and tears every time. Unlimited gear, adventures, gym and co-working time and lodging perks are musts – bottomless, at each and every Haus.

Mostly B’s: The Local

Your main residence is in Summit, Eagle or Grand County. You probably moved to the mountains for a ski season, 2 max, but then experienced a Rocky Mountain Summer and well, the rest is history. The perks of membership around your local Haus are great, but you don’t need much more once you leave county boundaries. 

Mostly C’s: The Weekender

You love your mountain escapes as much as you love your neighborhood bike-to brewery tours. High-altitude stays, events and adventures align with your chill style. City limits can’t contain you, but you also can’t wait for the mountains to call.

Mostly D’s: The Explorer

Your time is precious and dabbling in mountain fun, fitness classes and adult summer camp is a badass perk to have — when the mood strikes. But we really know you’re here for the unlimited access to the industry’s top gear, huh?

Want in? Join the Gravity Haus movement for as little as $50/month. Engage with our community, discover endless adventure and save money on your outdoor lifestyle. Join by August 31 and receive up to 2 nights at Gravity Haus Winter Park, our newest Haus.

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Gravity Haus offers different benefits for different adventure-loving lifestyles. Travel, gear, fitness, co-working, community. We have it all! It only takes 5 minutes to understand how Gravity Haus will elevate your modern adventure lifestyle. Submit your info and start your journey today!