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Our Adventure Essentials, as told by Gravity Haus

discover your adventure essentialS

In the world of travel and adventure, everyone has their own unique must-haves. From the perfect pair of shoes to the essential hydration solution, seasoned travelers and adventurers swear by certain items that enhance their experiences. 

For adventure seekers and modern travelers, staying hydrated is the key to staying on the go. That’s where DripDrop comes in. A breakthrough rehydration formula packed with electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals to help you dig deeper, go longer, and do more of what you love. GH members receive 20% off on DripDrop.com with code GH20.

Dive into the personal favorites of our Gravity Haus Sales & Success teammates as they share the top adventure essentials that accompany them on their journeys.

Mel Lundy’S Travel Secrets


Have you ever wondered what experienced adventurers consider their top travel essential? Mel Lundy, a passionate hiker, swears by her NorthFace ThermoBall Traction Booties. “They’re a perfect luxury for hanging by the campsite after a long day of hiking,” she says. And yes, she confesses at the end of the day, “I do love my slippers!” 

Calysta Crum’s Hydration Hack


Every traveler knows the importance of staying hydrated. Calysta Crum’s favorite adventure essential is her 2L insulated Camelbak. With this trusty companion, she ensures she remains hydrated and energized for her adventures.

Claire’s Mcmanus’s Travel Trio


Claire can’t choose just one essential, and who can blame her? On her adventures, she never forgets her Teva Tirra sandals, her cherished GH ballcap, and Solely pineapple sticks for those snack breaks. “They’re all always with me,” she beams.

Dana Kaufman’s Dynamic Duo


Dana has a few essentials she can’t live without. Whether it’s her Hydroflask Water Bottle to quench her thirst, a simple yet delicious PB&J for energy, or her trusty Ortovox backpack to carry her gear, she’s always prepared. Pick and choose? Impossible!

Andrea’s Adventure Arsenal


Andrea is all about being prepared and versatile. Her Patagonia Nine Trails 26L pack is a trusted companion, carrying her Eno Hammock for those relaxation breaks. She also never forgets a collapsible water bowl for her furry friend, Murray, and her purple Kershaw pocket knife. With so many essentials, she’s always ready for any adventure

Emily’s Hydration companion


Emily’s go-to gear for her escapades is the REI Hydration Day Pack. This isn’t just any hydration pack; it’s a symbol of her preparedness, versatility, and undying spirit of adventure. Whether she’s trekking up a mountain or navigating through dense woods, her REI pack ensures she’s hydrated and ready for the next challenge.

Merritt’s Hydration Revelation: Drip Drop


Merritt, always the prepared traveler, has three adventure essentials that keep him going: Drip Drop Lemon Lime, Drip Drop Watermelon, and Drip Drop Fruit Punch. With these in tow, he’s always refreshed and raring to go.

For many, staying hydrated during adventures is not just about quenching thirst; it’s about maintaining energy, optimizing performance, and ensuring a safe journey. Merritt, a member of the GH team, has found the perfect hydration partner in Drip Drop. While some might opt for traditional water or sports drinks, Merritt swears by the Drip Drop range, making it an integral part of his adventure essentials.

Why Drip Drop?

With three flavors at the top of his list: Drip Drop Lemon Lime, Drip Drop Watermelon, and Drip Drop Fruit Punch., It’s clear that variety is key for Merritt. These aren’t just refreshments; they offer a balance of electrolytes, ensuring that Merritt remains both hydrated and replenished during his excursions. The precise ratio of ingredients in Drip Drop aids in faster hydration compared to water alone, making it a superior choice for intense activities.

At Gravity Haus, we hope you find these adventure essentials entries engaging and fitting to the essence of each individual’s travel style. From the rugged terrains of mountain hikes to the serene landscapes of countryside trails, every adventurer has their secret sauce – that one essential they won’t leave home without. Whether it’s Mel’s booties for post-hike relaxation or Merritt’s flavored hydration companions from Drip Drop, it’s evident that the right gear can elevate an adventure from good to unforgettable. 

As we’ve journeyed through the favorites of our GH teammates, one thing stands out: Adventure, at its core, is deeply personal, and so are the essentials that accompany it. What’s your adventure essential?

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