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Work From Home Tips from the Gravity Haus Team

In 2020, we saw a major shift in work behavior. Offices closed, leases were canceled and more people started shopping online for desks, office chairs and supplies. At Gravity Haus, we’ve always functioned remotely (for the most part). From team meetings, to birthday celebrations and more – virtual gatherings have been our jam.

We’re no exception to the struggles we all encounter when it comes to work from home life, so we rounded up a handful of our top tips for staying productive and focused while at home.


Stick to a routine. When I'm working I'm at work, and when work is done I try hard to disconnect and spend time with my family. It doesn't hurt that I have a job that I love -- that means work doesn't feel like work. I'm just doing something I really enjoy.
Matt Windt
EVP, Marketing
I time block and hold myself accountable to it. Time blocking is time that cannot be interrupted. I don't let anyone interrupt blocked time unless it's 100% necessary. The Productivity Journal has also been a huge help - I highly recommend!
Claire McManus
I find I'm super, super productive in the AM when I'm heads down and crushing coffee. So I have a 6:25 alarm everyday and start crushing all my emails and left over items before I go workout or go into the Haus. The rest of the day I block my time, write down my tasks and stick to them.
Andrea Rosenthal
Community Developer
In the beginning, I used to get the worst back / neck aches from bad posture and working at the kitchen table. Investing in a laptop stand, Bluetooth keyboard, mouse and supportive chair was the best WFH decision I've made. Less aching = less time you need to "pause" your work day.
Julie Howsmon
Director of Marketing
Patterns are key! I love creating a structure for work periods and meetings. I also break the day into 3 - 4 parts and plan out tasks based on when I know I'm most productive. First - be productive in the morning. Second, is a workout at Dryland or something active outdoors. Third, a longer and productive work cycle. I wrap my day with a fourth segment of walking the dogs and cooking dinner with my family.
Jim Deters


Ready to get out of your house? Work from Haus with us! Crush your career alongside local and roving entrepreneurs, hold conference calls between runs, blast away with fiber internet and connect with other remote workers just like yourself!

Breck | StarterHaus

  • Fiber-fueled internet
  • Printer
  • Fresh Ground Unravel Coffee
  • A kitchenette
  • Dedicated desks available
  • 10-person conference room
  • 1 phone booth
  • Dog-friendly for trained pups
  • Additional co-working space next door at the Wetterhorn Building

Vail | Slope Room & Zoom Rooms

  • Co-working available for members at Slope Room daily until 3 pm 
  • Temporary Zoom Rooms for members
  • Full co-working space coming in Phase 2 of construction (this year!)


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