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What type of Haus Quiver gear is right for you?

When it comes to choosing the right gear, there are plenty of factors to consider. It should start with a few questions: What type of skiing/riding do you enjoy most? How aggressively do you ride? Do you prefer to play around in the trees or stick to the groomers? What are the conditions you’ll be riding? Bluebird? Powder? Days-old snow? Do you want something more playful? Something stiffer for charging hard? Something freestyle-focused for lapping the terrain park? 

To really maximize your riding experience, you shouldn’t just rely on the person at the rental shop to hand you a pair of skis or a snowboard and be on your merry way; you gotta really think about what you want out of the gear you’re riding.

But we don’t want to leave all this decision-making up to you—here at Haus Quiver, we want to enhance your gear experience as much as possible. So, you’ll find answers to some of the questions we just asked below, outlining which gear in the Haus Quiver lineup might be right for you.



You’re someone who sticks to the piste. There’s nothing better than carving up fresh corduroy, going fast and feeling the G-forces of a properly executed turn. You like to stay on edge—no, not emotionally—on your planks. You seek out long, winding groomers and you don’t want them to end. No matter the pitch, no matter the day—you’re checking the groomer report every morning to find the best corduroy on the mountain. The equipment you’re looking to ride has a narrower shape and a directional feel that wants to stay on edge.

SKIS: Faction Dictator 2.0, Faction Dictator 2.0x, Icelantic Pioneer 96, Icelantic Riveter 95, K2 Mindbender 88 Ti Alliance

BOARDS: Never Summer Infinity, Never Summer Snowtrooper, Burton Custom X Flying V, Burton Yeasayer


You’re the kind of rider who tears up the entire mountain—groomers in the morning, trees in the afternoon. You glide effortlessly between runs, bashing moguls or hopping into some ungroomed, days-old snow without batting an eye. Everything and anything can be conquered and you’re the person to ride it all. The equipment you want to ride is a touch wider but not too wide that you can’t carve and is built with a combination of materials that help you excel in all-mountain terrain.

SKIS: Faction Candide 2.0, Faction Candide 3.0, Faction Dictator 3.0, Icelantic Maiden 101, Icelantic Nomad 105, Icelantic Pioneer 109, K2 Mindbender 108 Ti, K2 Mindbender 106 Alliance

BOARDS: Never Summer Lady West, Never Summer Proto Type II, Burton FT Story Board, Burton Skeleton Key


You live for the DEEPEST DAYS, no questions asked. You wait until the conditions line up perfectly before you dive into neck-deep snow, hooting and hollering from bell-to-bell. When the forecast lines up and the snow falls by the foot, you’re drooling. Fully rockered designs meant to float in bottomless snow and more progressive, playful flex patterns will provide the best ride, maximizing your ability to plane through the deep end.

SKIS: Faction Prodigy 3.0, Faction Candide 4.0, Icelantic Nomad 115, K2 Mindbender 116

BOARDS: Never Summer Lady West, Never Summer Snowtrooper, Burton FT Moon Buggy


You spend your days in the terrain park. You can’t get enough airtime. You’re always working on a new trick, spin or flip. You eat jump lines for breakfast, rails for lunch and boxes for dinner. Everything you do on the mountain is geared toward growing your bag of tricks. This rider needs an extra playful, forgiving ride and need the ability to go switch. 

SKIS: Faction Candide 2.0, Faction Prodigy 1.0, Faction Prodigy 2.0, Icelantic Nomad 95, Icelantic Maiden 91

BOARDS: Never Summer Proto Type II, Burton Talent Scout, Burton Name Dropper



You’re really just figuring things out. You don’t feel the need to push your limits quite yet and you’re focused on learning the fundamentals of good riding. You’re taking lessons and getting better everyday, so choose gear that will accelerate the learning curve. Easy going, no-frills gear is what you need—nothing to “figure out,” just hop on and go.

SKIS: Faction Prodigy 2.0, Icelantic Pioneer 96, Icelantic Riveter 95

BOARDS: Never Summer Infinity, Never Summer Snowtrooper, Burton Yeasayer


You have the fundamentals dialed and, now, it’s time to explore the mountain. You’re still a bit hesitant to find the fall line but you’re going off the groomers, getting into some deeper, ungroomed snow and finding your groove. Your personal style is beginning to emerge and every day on the mountain you’re skiing something new; your gear should accentuate your style and offer the ability to ski everything and anything. 

SKIS: Faction Prodigy 3.0, Faction Candide 3.0, Icelantic Maiden 101, Icelantic Maiden 111, Icelantic Nomad 105, K2 Mindbender 108 TI, K2 Mindbender 106 Alliance

BOARDS: Never Summer Infinity, Never Summer Snowtrooper, Burton Yeasayer


The entire mountain is your playground—no matter the run, no matter the conditions, you’re primed to send it. Your style is defined and you know what you like, whether that’s piste-focused, tight turns in the trees, endless groomers, tracked out snow, it doesn’t matter. The gear you want is fine-tuned to your specific needs with stronger materials and new wave styles that allow you to experiment on the hill and reach your potential. 

SKIS: Faction Candide 3.0, Faction Prodigy 3.0, Faction Dictator 3.0, Icelantic Nomad 105, K2 Mindbender 106 Alliance, K2 Mindbender 108 Ti

BOARDS: Never Summer West Bound, Never Summer Lady West, Burton Talent Scout, Burton Hometown Hero

No matter what type of skier or rider you are, or what the conditions may be, Haus Quiver has exactly what you need to get out there and send it. Members can book directly through the Gravity Haus app at 12 locations in North America. Not a member? Join Gravity Haus and access Haus Quiver for as little as $50/month.

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