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Unravel Coffee’s New Subscription Service

Unravel turns coffee into a collaborative experience, spooling the threads of agriculture, technology, sustainability and human interaction. 

This is no average cup of joe. Gravity Haus’ coffee communities in Breckenridge, Vail and Denver source beans direct from Ethiopian farms and take precise care in every delicate detail from seed to cup.

With more coffee consumers crafting their own cappuccinos and lattes at home again due to Covid-19, an Unravel Coffee Subscription was recently launched.

“We thought we would make it easy to make sure our customers didn’t have to think about going out and shopping,” says program director Steve Holt. “We wanted to be flexible with no harsh subscription commitments, so we created three simple steps.”

Here’s how it works:

  1. Customers choose the type(s) of coffee that fit their taste preferences.
  2. They select the quantity and bag size they would like to receive.
  3. They choose the frequency of delivery (1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks).



  • Free shipping and 5% off on every scheduled dispatch.
  • First to Taste: Unravel will introduce new profiles to members before they go live to the public.
  • A 10% discount for subscribers on coffee, food and merchandise at all Unravel locations.

Gravity Haus members: Stay tuned on sweet exclusive benefits and deeper discounts as well as a custom members-only coffee blend.

Co-Producing Coffee for Next-Level Quality

Your average coffee shop isn’t involved with every step of the coffee cycle. Unravel gets personal with it, collaborating at the farm level and participating in the harvest and processing in conjunction with small sustainable farm producers.

The team makes decisions on how much and how to process (ferment) the coffee cherries to create distinct taste profiles and follows the bean to the import process, coordinating contracts and shipping logistics. Once the beans arrive in the U.S., Unravel roasts in-haus with a Bellwether zero-emissions roaster and serves to-go espresso and filter coffee in reusable glass paragon jars — not one paper cup has landed in the trash from Unravel. 

A former associate and current partner at Ninety Plus Coffee — a grower and producer of single-origin, single-variety specialty coffee in both Panama and formerly Ethiopia — Holt has spent over a decade building its brand, growing and producing taste profiles through fermentation formulas and fostering business relationships in over 40 countries. “You can’t imagine how much work is required to get coffee to the final stage of export. So many hands touch the coffee we consume daily. It’s something we cannot take for granted,” Holt says.

At the end of the day, the magic lies in the guests’ sipping satisfaction at all of Unravels’ busy cafes.

“They take one look at the final drink and I can see it in their eyes that we just brightened their day,” Holt says.

Learn more about Unravel’s subscription program and sign up at unravel.coffee.


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