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Get Race Ready for 2022 with Dryland

Thinking about your first 5k, 10k, half or full marathon in 2022? Dryland is your training partner.

What are you waiting for? This is your year! It’s time to lace up, train hard and cross that finish line you’ve been eyeing. We tapped Director of Fitness at Dryland Denver and badass racer Amy Peterson for tried-and-true training tips.

Amy’s race resume includes four half marathons, nine Tough Mudders and numerous 10ks and 5ks. Her training smarts have helped her avoid injuries, outlast competition and hit personal records. 

Follow in Amy’s (literal) footsteps and use these Dryland classes to optimize your running game. Here’s what Amy recommends:

Enduro Zone

Running requires endurance, but it’s a good idea to switch up your cardio routine to help prevent boredom, and to shock your body. Enduro Zone is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) class where you work and rest with a 2:1 ratio (i.e. :40 on :20 off, :30 on :15 off). 

This helps build up quick endurance as well as your overall stamina because you push yourself to work hard and then recover. The quicker you recover, the quicker you can get back at it. Pushing yourself to work for the full time is the mind challenge, not the body; and Enduro Zone will push you to be your best. 

Brick Haus

There is more to cardio than just running. You must build up muscle to help support all the repetitive movement you’ll be doing over an extended period of time. Strengthening your legs will help keep you strong around your knees, build up strength in your hamstrings to push off with every strike, and increase your glute strength to help avoid back pain, allowing you to go further.

But it’s not just the lower body that’s important — your arms are moving with every step as well, and building up the biceps, back and shoulders is crucial as you swing your arms while you battle that hill. And of course, having a strong core will help keep your posture sturdy during the run. Brick Haus focuses on all of these areas.


While running is typically viewed as moving in one plane, it’s vital to train the other directions to help prevent injury. Adventure Ready focuses on agility, balance, instability and explosiveness to help balance out the whole body. Moving side to side, up and down and bounding with both feet and then one at a time helps create a strong foundation in the body so when you go out for your next run, you feel more confident and stable no matter what terrain you’re on. 

Join a Gravity Haus Running Adventure

We’ve partnered with Denver-based Race2Adventure to offer vacation running experiences around the world. Haus members can experience the beauty of Costa Rica, Italy or New Zealand on these trips, kicking each morning off with a 5k to 10k trail run through some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes. These eight-night adventures are designed for those who love to exercise, explore and travel internationally.

Join these exciting international race adventures:

Norway: August 14–22, 2022 | Land to fjord to sea.

New Zealand: February 1–26, 2023 | Towering peaks, glaciers, lakes and fjords.

Italy: September 9–17, 2023 | Iconic cities, a famed mountain range, lakes, an ocean and vineyards.

Registration is open and Haus members receive $300 off booking! Ready to sign up? Email experiences@gravityhaus.com with the number of attendees and we’ll give you the discount code and an intro to the Race to Adventure team!

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