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Rocky Mountain Summer Packing Guide

Style and comfort for your ultimate mountain stay.

Colorado summers are glorious. Nothing beats ‘em, really. Greening peaks, flourishing aspen and pine, snowmelt fattening creeks and rivers, the most brilliant blue sky you’ve ever seen and gentle temps hovering in the 60s and 70s. It’s all here, interlaced with webs of trails and trees, and endless lists of adventures.

When your basecamp is Gravity Haus in Breckenridge, Vail or Winter Park, you’re perfectly positioned for mountain fun crowned with all the cushy perks and comforts. Pack your bags and get out here!

For best results, follow our handy summer packing guide:

Layers. Layers. Layers. Cool mornings and sunsets bookend mild to warm days. Prepare with a base of sweat-wicking pants or shorts (non-cotton is best), topped with a tank, long sleeve top and a fleece jacket or vest.

Activewear is king. Your thirst for adrenaline is no match for Colorado’s finicky weather — as long as you have the right tools. Be ready to play and party. Pack comfortable and versatile leggings, hiking pants, T-shirts, hats, wool socks and comfy shorts. Colorado is uber casual, meaning your yoga pants easily transition from trail to happy hour here. Evenings call for a jacket or sweater when temps tend to drop dramatically.

Afternoon showers likely. In June and July, Mother Nature likes to deliver quick rain showers around 2pm to water the trees and keep wildfires at bay. Pack a lightweight rain jacket and some waterproof (read: broken-in) hiking boots and continue on. The smell of rain in the Rockies is heavenly.

Comfort trumps trendy. You can still be stylish, but swap the heels for Chacos and the fur for fleece. Terrain and altitude vary depending on your hiking and biking trails of choice or whether you’re whitewater rafting or paddleboarding. Quick-drying sandals and breathable sneakers that can cover some blister-free distance will make a huge difference.

Swimming holes galore. Hike-to hot springs, your luxe Gravity Haus hot tubs and pools, cool rivers and high alpine lakes — there are plenty of reasons to pack a swimsuit or two. Carry one with you at all times. You never know when the opportunity to take a dip will present itself.

Protect your eyes and skin. Colorado is blessed with 300+ days of sunshine a year and regional peaks top out between 9,000 and 14,000 feet. The rays are strong here. Always wear a hat, sunglasses and high-SPF sunscreen and lip protection. Even on overcast days.

Hydrate or die. It’s drastic. But true. Altitude sickness and dehydration are nothing to mess with. Drink tons of water, always carry a reusable and portable water bottle with you and pack extra liters on longer hikes. A small daypack is key for stashing water, snacks (nuts, fruit and protein bars are great), sunscreen and layers.

Sunglasses, hats, lightweight socks, layers and packs — the Gravity Haus shop has you covered. Come prepared and your summer trip to Gravity Haus will be unforgettable!


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