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Member Spotlight: David Bacon

Gravity Haus connects people who see the world as an incredible playground. We help the planet by traveling, recreating and growing with others while and learning along the way. We believe if we’re enhancing your active lifestyle, one experience at a time, then we’re doing it right. Community first, everything else will follow. Get to know the faces behind the Gravity Haus community!


All-In Member

Meet David, Gravity Haus member and CEO of BWBacon Group, a 20-year-old technology staffing company based in Denver. You can catch David on National Geographic’s Race To The Center Of The Earth where he and his team of badass co-workers compete against three other teams in a global survivalist-style race for a $1 million prize.

“We felt so fortunate to be selected for this adventure race, it was such a gift to participate in, no less to compete with so much teamwork, resolve and frankly, reckless abandon,” David says.

Adventure has always been a massive part of David’s life, having traveled, skied, climbed, and dived all over the world. He teaches his children the value of viewing life as an adventure and to seize rich experiences outside of their comfort zones.

Learn more about David below!

Q&A With David Bacon

Q. What does Gravity Haus mean to you?

A. I love Gravity Haus! I love the sense of community and belonging. I’ve met some great people through Gravity Haus, and there is a certain feeling of what I call ‘instamacy’ or instant-intimacy, where as fellow members, we have an instantaneous bond and connection through outdoor play.

Q. What’s your favorite type of adventure?

A. One that has a planned start and a totally spontaneous and uncertain path to the finish.

Q. Piece of gear you couldn’t live without?

A. I gotta say, on the really big adventures the one piece of gear I relish most is my journal. There is nothing quite like capturing moments in words that stand the test of time.

Q. Inspiring words for others?

A. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to seize the day, every day. Sometimes this means going big, climbing a huge mountain, skiing a big line, but it can also mean reaching out to someone who needs help and making the extra effort to bring the best out of someone else.


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If you’ve been looking for an adventure-loving community, Gravity Haus is where you’ll find it!! We don’t believe in a life full of ‘stuff’ and expensive, exclusive experiences. Gravity Haus connects you with the people, events, gear and adventures that make your heart feel full, without the hefty price tag. Want to learn more?