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Kiss the Sky: Meet the Gravity Haus Max Air SuperTramp

Have you hit the SuperTramp at Gravity Haus Breckenridge yet? Put it on your summer bucket list and flip, spin, bounce and pounce your way to perma-grins and sick tricks.

The Max Air SuperTramp lives on the third floor outdoor deck of Gravity Haus in Breckenridge and busts all the stereotypes of the backyard trampolines from your childhood. The 14-foot by 14-foot super bed gives you more space to catch air and the ultra-springy material projects you straight up and much higher than a standard trampoline would.

Dryland Fitness Director of Performance Linzee Vito-Salmon gives us the lowdown on this high-flying adrenaline-inducing beast:

  • Beginners: Bounce around and get a feel for it. Don’t start with anything crazy. Maybe try a little seat drop and see how it pops you back up.
  • The main thing is understanding how to control your body on the tramp and how to fall. You never want to put your wrist down when you fall. Just roll forward to avoid injury.
  • Engage your core to control your limbs as you jump. Bending your knees is crucial, too. When you go to stop, bend your knees so you don’t jolt your low back.
  • Athletes: Many professional winter sport athletes have jumped here. Follow their lead and — if your comfort and experience levels allow — throw down some double corks, misty flips, 700 basic spins, foot grabs, anything you’ve been wanting to try. 
  • Want to practice your front and back flips? Always start with front flips. They’re easier to grasp because you can land on your booty. Back flips require more of a blind landing with a bigger fear factor.
  • Remember, this is a heck of a workout. The SuperTramp will get your heart rate up, work your legs and core and provide an excellent cardio sesh.
  • Aim for the big X in the middle of the tramp. It’s a great point of reference for practicing tricks you’d like to land on the mountain next winter.
  • Want more? Reach out to Linzee for her summer SuperTramp program where members will get together for four-week skills building classes and personalized instruction.

The Rules

  • One person jumping at a time
  • Observe safely from the patio area and sidelines
  • Be mindful, know there’s a risk factor, but overall this is a safe environment
  • Wear socks and something comfy you can move around in
  • In the summertime it gets hot out there; bring water

Ages: All ages are welcome; 18 years and up can jump without supervision 

Hours: 8am–6:15pm, weather permitting, 30-minute sessions per person


It’s as easy as 1-2-3

1. Download the Dryland Fitness App

2. Reserve your 30-minute trampoline time slot

3. Head to the haus front desk 5 minutes before your time slot

Non-member hotel guests can also book jumping time slots through the app. For private SuperTramp parties or group events, please call the front desk or email linzee@gravityhaus.com to arrange.


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