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I already have ski gear. Why do I need Haus Quiver?

Congratulations, you found Haus Quiver and you’re one step closer to maximizing your next trip to the mountains. But you already have a pair of skis, you already own a snowboard—heck, maybe you own an entire fleet of skis or boards—so, why do you need Haus Quiver?

It’s simple: With Haus Quiver, that gear in your garage just got a best bud. Simply put, as you’ve compiled your own fleet of skis and snowboards, the equipment you chose to own has become somewhat restricting. Sure, it still works just fine but, as you’ve built out your personal collection, state-of-the-art designs, materials and technologies have superseded the stuff you have in your garage. Sometimes older is better—like with vinyl records or a restored Hot Rod—but the same mantra just doesn’t always ring true when it comes to skis and snowboards.


At this point, we can guess how you’re feeling. It’s alright, it hurts because it’s true: New gear is just… better. Partnering with Icelantic, K2, Faction, Never Summer and Burton, Haus Quiver puts an entire fleet of the latest skis and snowboards at your fingertips—and the best part is you don’t have to buy any of it. That’s right, all you need to do is join Haus Quiver via a monthly membership and all that glitzy, brand spankin’ new gear you’ve always dreamed of trying out can now be all yours without having to shell out hundreds of dollars. 


Now, let’s consider another angle. You own one pair of skis or one snowboard, and you use that everyday of the season, no matter the conditions. The single-ski setup works just fine; but that’s all it is—just fine. When it’s snowing outside—and we mean really, really dumping—you’re probably looking at your setup wondering, dreaming what it would be like if you had a powder-specific ski or board for the next day. Or, maybe you have some buddies visiting from out of town and all they want to do is lap the terrain park. You prefer to hang out on groomers and lay trenches with a directional, carving-focused setup but, hey, whatever floats their boat. Twin tips en tow, your friends are locked and loaded for a couple days shredding boxes, rails and jump lines; meanwhile, your setup just isn’t tuned for those kinds of on-hill experiences. 



When bell-to-bell, “no friends on a powder day” conditions line up outside your window, you’re going to want a super wide, extra floaty, surfy board, and the same goes for skis. You don’t want to sink in all that champagne pow—you want to effortlessly glide and float atop it. When you want to ride the park, you don’t want to detune your edges on a bunch of rails and boxes, or feel weighed down by heavier materials meant to rip GS turns down a groomed slope—you want a pair gear specifically designed to spin, pop and press with minimal effort. 

Or, maybe you’re just tired skiing and riding on the same old gear. Maybe you want to try something different just for the thrill of it. Haus Quiver provides a hassle-free opportunity to ride, exchange and enjoy premium gear. Who said you needed a reason to try the playful Prodigy line from Faction or a swallow-tailed snowboard from Burton? No one. Ever.

So, whether you want access to equipment that matches the day’s conditions or you want to try something completely different, Haus Quiver is here to make that possible. With dozens of skis and snowboards available for single- or multi-day demos, a streamlined reservation process on an easy-to-use mobile app and the chance to skip the line at the shop when you arrive to pick up your gear, Haus Quiver is totally redefining the rental process.

With your Haus Quiver membership—starting at just $70/month for unlimited access (or a $50 add on for Weekender + Local Members)—there’s a full fleet of new gear waiting for you at the shop. 

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