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Haus Quiver Saves You Hundreds of Dollars on Gear

It feels good to have a quiver—your own skis or boards, tuned up, waiting in your garage for the conditions to line up. But getting your hands on a full spread of gear takes time and loads of money. The majority of skiers and snowboarders who ride the resort only visit a couple of days a year on vacation, opting to rent gear for those specific days; or, if you plan to ride on a few trips over the course of winter, will choose to shell out some more money for a season-long demo package. But these rental fees can add up fast, leaving you less moolah for après bevvies and dinners around town. 

Now, consider this: What if a full season of high-quality, brand new demo gear was available for just a couple hundred bucks? What if you could swap your skis or boards depending on conditions? What if your demo package offered extra perks like access to training facilities, discounts on hotel stays and community-building events for like-minded, outdoorsy folk? With a Gravity Haus membership, these day dreams are becoming a reality, and a season’s worth of winter rentals (plus summer gear – coming soon!) total just $50/month – or a $40/month add-on for Weekender & Local Gravity Haus members.

First, let’s take a look at other options...

Big name rental companies, boutique services and local shops all charge a premium for “demo” gear—the newest equipment on the market. Rental shops charge anywhere between $55 – $69/day. At first glance, these prices seem reasonable but you’re most likely not just skiing for a single day and, if you’re a family of four, the total cost of these rentals easily jumps up over $1,000. 

So let’s consider this: you’re a family of four renting gear for a week-long ski trip. You’ll pay roughly $1,500 – $2,000 total. A single rider buying into a seven-day rental would cost upwards of $400!

The bottom line: While demo packages and even season-long rentals may seem affordable at first, these charges quickly rack up—and these fees only provide access to the equipment. So, what else is out there? How can you save money on the hottest gear year-round? 

Now, let’s consider Haus Quiver via Gravity Haus MEMBERSHIP

With a Gravity Haus membership, starting at just $50/month, there are some serious savings. Not only will you gain access to a full fleet of new skis and boards available for pickup at 12+ locations across North America, your membership gains you access to a slew of perks beyond winter & summer gear (think: paddleboards, hammocks, & more). Financially, it’s a no-brainer.

Here’s the breakdown: For a year of Haus Quiver via Gravity Haus Membership, a single person will pay as little as $50/month. Already, you’re saving a hundreds of bucks on the things you’d already be doing. Money saved—check! Discovering, trying and experiencing new adventures and premium gear has never been easier or more affordable.

On top of that, since Haus Quiver is part of a bigger offering from Gravity Haus, you’ll tap into Dryland training facilities, community-building events and even get hotel discounts at Gravity Haus hotels in Breckenridge, Vail and Winter Park, and so much more (view all membership perks here)!


  • We believe everyone should be able to afford and access the latest gear
  • We believe demoing skis/snowboards is more effective than purchasing new equipment
  • We believe the skiing/riding experience is enhanced when an individual tests different product back-to-back or has the ability to swap out gear based on conditions
  • We believe that a slow-moving, in-store rental process is outdated 
  • We believe that more time should be spent on-hill than in the rental shop
  • We believe that a community of trusted peers can be built around gear

All in all, Haus Quiver will save you money on equipment and offers more than just gear rentals – it is your key to unlocking an entire lifestyle. So, what are you waiting for?

Already have access to Haus Quiver? Start booking your gear on the easy to use Gravity Haus mobile app for iPhone or Android!


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