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How Three Gravity Haus Badasses are Doing Life Right


Home: Frisco, CO

Occupation: Freelance creative

Superpower: Training for and running a marathon. Post foot surgery. During a pandemic. Solo. At altitude.

Her Story: Born with an extra bone in her right foot, Julia underwent surgery March 6, 2020 — one week before the entire world changed. Over the next four months, she regrew her atrophied muscles, relearned to walk, and slowly began biking, hiking, climbing and finally running. She picked a November marathon date and training plan and powered through, crossing the finish line with friends at her side after tackling 26.2 miles of Summit County terrain.

Words of Wisdom: “Embrace the pivot. Life is not what anyone expected it to be right now. If you’re like me, you may have lost your career and entire income for the year at the drop of a hat. But life is a series of opportunities and I truly believe that when one door closes, at least one other one opens. It is only because of the pandemic that I was able to hunker down here in Summit and train without distractions.”


Home: Breckenridge, CO

Occupation: Co-founder of TeamBuildr Software

Superpower: Converting the drive to create something that has lasting impact into a successful tech startup.

His Story: Recognizing a huge need amongst coaches and trainers to have an intuitive strength and conditioning workflow tool, Hewitt and his business partner created software to help write training programs. That was eight years ago. Today, TeamBuildr serves more than 2,000 organizations spanning NFL teams to clients in Australia and New Zealand. Hewitt, his wife and dog recently relocated to Breckenridge full time, wholly embracing the work-from-anywhere active mountain lifestyle.

Gravity Haus Love: “I’ve spent more time outdoors in the last month than I have probably in the previous year, if not longer. I really haven’t had this kind of physical fulfillment in a long time. And I credit that to Gravity Haus. When I decided to move out here, Gravity Haus was kind of a big part of that because of the co-working space, the community and the gym. Gravity Haus and moving to Breckenridge kind of fell hand in hand.”


Home: Denver, CO

Occupation: Policy Advisor at a Law Firm

Superpower: Making giving back and lifting others up a way of life.

Her Story: A few years ago, Sara donated a kidney to a person she’s never met. Positive and smiling, generous with praises and community connection, volunteering is at her core. With Special Olympics, Freedom Service Dogs and her American Transplant Foundation efforts put on hold due to COVID, Sara is focused on blood, platelet and plasma donations; making sure elderly neighbors have groceries and bringing meals to frontline workers.

Mantras to Live By: “In my life, I try to be a good person, give back and work hard, all while having fun. I learned years ago we can drain energy from our world by being an energy suck or we can give energy and contribute more than we take. I began practicing to live with a philosophy to make sure I try to put out more positive energy into the world than what I take. Almost 100% of the time when I have given back, I ended up getting more out of it than the recipients.”

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