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High alpine camping season is in full swing and we’re here to help you make the most of your outdoor adventures with these COVID Camping tips to stay healthy and do your part!

  1. Properly research your campsite

Do you need a camping reservation? Many campsites have reduced the number of available campsites during COVID. Backpacking? Try to pick a less popular trail and destination.

2. Minimize stops at gas stations & grocery stores.

Prepare for your trip before you leave your starting point. This includes packing snacks and filling up with gas to reduce your interaction with people in highly traveled gas stations or grocery stores.

3. Bring your own reusable water bottle, cooking tools and utensils

In a pre-COVID environment it was all too easy to divvy up the “to bring” list with friends. If you are coming from different households, be sure to bring all of your own stuff.

4. Practice social distancing & wear your mask!

If you are at a campsite with other groups, remember to wear your mask on trips to the restroom, or walking past other campsites.

5. Use your own tent, sleeping bag and sleeping pad

We get it – the mountain lifestyle and gear can be expensive for all of the activities we do year-round! If possible, try to use all your own equipment while camping. If you absolutely need to borrow, make sure to disinfect before and after use.

Have more tips for covid camping best practices? DROP US A COMMENT BELOW.


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