Gravity Haus is my second home. It’s my community center that has brought some of my best friends into my life via shared lifestyles.


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Gravity Haus is my second home. It’s my community center that has brought some of my best friends into my life via shared lifestyles.


What is Gravity Haus to you?

Gravity Haus is my second home. It’s my community center that has brought some of my best friends into my life via shared lifestyles. We workout and get out(side) together, and it starts with the foundation of having our base camp as GH.

How does Gravity Haus enable / elevate your modern adventure lifestyle?

Gravity Haus provides the foundation of my lifestyle in two ways. 1) Getting outside is something most Coloradans do, but skiing steep and deep days throughout the winter, and crushing high alpine trails in the summer, isn’t possible without a solid strength and mobility regimen from Dryland. 2) Doing any of these things means almost nothing to me if I cannot do it with my people, and GH is an organic community builder that has brought together the best adventurers to crush it all with!

How does Gravity Haus help you:

Create powerful moments? The most special moments are in between the big adventures, when you see your friends at GH and have that twinkle in your eye because you did/do it all together. It’s the slow moments where you share coffee or what you are working on: the relationships built in the mountains that translate to the simple moments.

Keep Growing? After my track career ended, I was lost. I was part of a team that meant to the world to me, and competed at an elite level that was the culmination of over a decade of work. I decided to dig up my old love of skiing, but found it to be lonely. Enter GH, and I can build upon my career as an athlete in new ways with a new team. I work on my weaknesses, both physically and mentally, and find myself pushing the limits of what I thought I could do because I had the foundation of a team again. Keeping motivation is the best way to keep growing.

Bring Others along? Doing some admittedly crazy things in the mountains warrants a special type of person, and it is wonderful to know that for any “crazy” idea, I could reach into the GH community to find someone equally ready to do it with me.

Be “All-In” + Go the Distance? I have been known to not half-ass anything; if I was going to run, I was going to do it at the Division 1 level, if I am going to train, I will do it with a purpose to get better and a team to hold myself accountable. I have found that when you have a supportive community, in both people to lift you up, and in a place to get stronger and recover harder, you can go wherever you want.

Leave it Better than You Found it? The GH community is a microcosm of life. When you are connected to others, you feel a sense of responsibility to care for the space and people you share life with. I take that mentality and expand it beyond the walls of GH. Make connections, be responsible to each other.

What’s something new that you’ve been able to try / a new experience you’ve had / a new community you’ve created, because of Gravity Haus?

The best new part of my life that was because of Gravity Haus was the community in Dryland fitness. I have a new team to support my own goals while I uplift others in our workouts. We are getting stronger together, and it is so inspiring to see everyone who brings their all to Dryland translates it to poetry on the slopes, in the backcountry, and on the trails in the Summer via foot and MTB.

Who is your favorite adventure partner/s?

GH members: Kelsey Barr, Blake Veath, Trevor Carlson, Christian Apps non-GH members: Jess Banasiak, Brady Lowndes, Sam Noonan

Describe how Gravity Haus helps you have your Best Day Ever.

With Gravity Haus as my base camp, I can pack so much into my day. If my day has some skiing on the agenda, but I need to crank out some work in the middle and stay fueled, it is beautiful that I can do all of that from one place. Anyone who knows me, knows that I need my workout to be “normal”. Even busy days are easy to squeeze my workout into because of the proximity of work and play at GH.