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Behind the Scenes with Gravity Haus Winter Park GM: Rob Davis

Get to know Gravity Haus Winter Park General Manager, Rob Davis. From his experience in Kauai to Denver, to his pro tips for the hospitality industry, we’re dishing the inside scoop!

Tell us about your journey. How did it start?

After college, I moved to San Diego to pursue an Olympic campaign and career in the Sailing industry. Instead, I got a job bartending and fell in love with food, beverage, and the hospitality industry. Oh, and surfing. 

To which parts of the country or the world has your hospitality career taken you?

I have lived in San Diego, Breckenridge, Vail, Kauai, Denver, and Michigan, but the industry has taken me around the world to experience people, culture, and community. 

Who or what inspires you?

Being around people that are passionate about their craft and drive to be the best. Could be in a vineyard, on a boat, or in a boardroom. Passion is contagious. 

How do you bring that inspiration into a hotel or share it with your staff?

Experience, preparation and leading by example. 

What’s most important to you when building a strong team or culture?

That we share a common vision and are all rowing in the same direction. 

What’s your guiding principle in the hospitality industry?

Grace. As long as we are gracious and do things with purpose, success will follow.

What are some of the positive trends you’ve seen arise in the hospitality industry because of COVID?

Technology, the improvement of to-go food options, and the increase in sanitation and hygiene practices.  Wash your hands!

Tech is now a huge part of the hospitality industry. How will tech be involved at GH Winter Park?

Booking your room, checking in, and mobile room keys, are just a few ways our members and guests will be able to use tech to enhance their experience. Not to mention all the other features of the Gravity Haus app like reserving a mountain bike, booking a Dryland class and so much more.

What can we expect from Gravity Haus Winter Park?

Whether coming to work, play, get in shape or to simply enjoy a crafted beverage and enjoy the atmosphere, you will be welcomed by a community of adventure seekers.

When you’re not at Gravity Haus Winter Park, what activities can we find you doing?

I picked up skateboarding last year when I turned 40. The amount of excitement and fear that you can get from dropping into a pool on a board with four wheels is truly amazing. Otherwise, snowboarding, snowmobiling, rock climbing, surfing, kite surfing to name a few. 

Anything else you’d like to add?

Looking forward to seeing you in Winter Park this year!

Get a sneak peek at Gravity Haus Winter Park here or browse available career opportunities with us here!


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