Being part of the community engulfs you into the lifestyle and opens you up to things you might not have known you wanted to do.


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Being part of the community engulfs you into the lifestyle and opens you up to things you might not have known you wanted to do.


What is Gravity Haus to you?

A community of adventure-minded enthusiasts who love to be outside, but also like to be around people who want to try new things to break out of their comfort zone.

How does Gravity Haus enable / elevate your modern adventure lifestyle?

Being part of the community engulfs you into the lifestyle and opens you up to things you might not have known you wanted to do.

How does Gravity Haus help you:

Create powerful moments? Daily, I get to lead members in their workouts, get stronger, and when they have established a habit of fitness in Dryland, they find consistency and achieve 100 classes – and this is celebrated with every member who crosses that milestone.
Keep Growing? I encourage people to push beyond their limits: in picking up weights, holding on longer in cardio intervals, or taking their hard work in the gym and applying it outside to try something new!
Bring Others along? In each class when there are new members, I have everyone introduce themselves so people know who they are. This often sparks conversation of “where are you going skiing this weekend?” or “ Oh I went to Iowa too!” and this brings the community together. It also helps grow with JoinMe so when someone wants to make a plan, they can invite others who they may not know, or a friend from class.
Be “All-In” + Go the Distance? Putting all of my effort into class experience, programming, planning for events, bringing members together, bringing teammates together is all part of my goal to be the best GH team member I can be. Establishing habits early and creating high expectations for myself, and then teach others how they can do the same are integral values I have that are going to shape how we grow Gravity Haus into the future – and ultimately make me the best version of MYSELF.
Leave it Better than You Found it? A philosophy I live by in my everyday life – picking up a piece of paper, cleaning the floors, wiping down the equipment after every class … and it goes beyond that. If someone comes into class and they are in a bad mood, my goal is to turn that around, make them feel better because of their movement, and they leave better than when they arrived. “The way you do one thing is the way you do everything” and I keep this mantra in the forefront of my head every day and apply it to all aspects of my life.

What’s something new that you’ve been able to try / a new experience you’ve had / a new community you’ve created, because of Gravity Haus?

SNOWSHOEING! I have only ever done it once (12 years ago) and I made a commitment to myself at the beginning of the year that I would “DO” more and be active with my time. I was nervous to try snowshoeing again (let alone LEAD) not knowing where I was going, exactly what to wear, how far to go … and GH saved the day with Haus Quiver and snowshoes, creating a JoinMe to invite others along, and knowing my fitness lifestyle at Dryland enabled me to conquer my first hike in over a decade.

Who is your favorite adventure partner/s?

Honestly? My Dryland crew. I love sweating with them everyday (sometimes literally) and I love being able to get outside the 1000 square foot box and explore and breathe in the outside air in anything we’re doing. Red Rocks, Snowshoe, paddleboarding, running … or having a cocktail and learning the more in depth parts of these humans I get to see everyday.

Describe how Gravity Haus helps you have your Best Day Ever.

My best day would start at sunrise – taking personal time to meditate, journal, move my body, and then head to Dryland for a full class of athletes eager to rip a tough endorphin-inducing workout. After that, we fuel with protein smoothies, then we head out to the lake. Grabbing our paddleboards from HQ, heading out with our packs full of snacks, drinks and excitement, we arrive at the launch beach. Pumping up our boards, we float out in the middle of the water, flexing our “SUP” muscles to get out there, and then we play our music with our waterproof speaker and absorb all the sunshine and blessing of such a beautiful day.