#DoYourDryland: First-Hand Experience

My foray as a Brick Haus first-timer
- Lisa Blake, Breck Local + Gravity Haus Member

“What’s this train smarter, play harder tune all about?” I like the way it sounds. I’m intrigued. I’m not sure I’m currently training for anything, other than life. And keeping up with my 6-year-old and my aging (like a fine wine) 41-year-old body.

To be totally candid, I’m awkwardly inspired by all of the ultra athletes we live among in Breckenridge. I’ve been here for 11 years and these neighbors continue to push me to grow and try new athletic endeavors. When I see them — all ripped, down-dogging at the yoga studio and catching air on mountain bike trails, high-altitude huffing and sweating, likely training for their next race — I feel a sense of pride that we’re sharing the same thin air and rocky singletrack ribbon.


A hesitation that has kept me out of Gravity Haus’ Dryland gyms for awhile now. Who am I to sign up for a class with a name like Enduro or Brick Haus? And what the hell is that tall machine with the green handles or that pile of metal and weights with thick heavy ropes snaking out? My biggest question: How do I go in there without pulling, spraining or breaking something? (This is 40. This is what getting older has done to my brain.)

Anyone nodding here? Maybe so. Maybe not.

But, you know what? I pulled the Band-Aid off this week and It. Was. Incredible. I signed up and showed up for the noon Brick Haus class at Dryland Breckenridge. I breathed and shook through a full hour of curling, pressing, military push-ups, overhead extensions, Super-Man planks, handstand push-ups (didn’t even know those were a thing!) and this wild maneuver on the row machine where you put your feet on the seat and your hands on the floor behind the machine in plank position and, in a beautiful torturous motion, you crunch your knees into your chest. Ten times. Four reps. For real.

There were men, women, moms, grandmoms, people with fine wine bodies that looked like mine, working on themselves, pushing their personal limits and making the most of the 60 minutes they’d dedicated to Dryland time.

Coach Linzee Vito had a special knowing, no-bullshit style of leading, offering tips on form and encouraging shout-outs when they were needed. The weighted, strength-based class style was a steady, go-at-your-own-pace but keep your heart pumping. It was Thursday, so the focus was on upper body.

I felt supported, empowered and stronger after my first time. I’m going back and can’t wait to dive into Saturday’s full body Brick Haus and Tuesday’s lower body focus. The weight training equipment and cardio suite no longer feel foreign and daunting. Everyone in class was quick to show me the ropes and what equipment to use for each move, which calmed my nerves. They cheered each other on during challenging moves (hello, handstand push-ups) and made plans to workout together again the next day. The community is strong at Dryland. And it feels good to share that thin air and work on ourselves. Together.


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